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Craig took me up today to practice for the CPPA aerial seminar. We have a flight plan in mind that will circle you around campus once and then fly by the casino on our way back. If you want to deviate from it, let us know right away. After you pay the fee, you will be put on a list. You may choose your flight time, first come first serve.

aerial 01

This is my daughter, Betsy, 8, during takeoff on her first small aircraft flight. You may feel the same. This is where I will be sitting and coaching you. We will communicate through headsets. Put the mic right up against your mouth. It is voice activated. If you can hear yourself then we can hear you too.

aerial 02

This is Craig Beins. He is an amazing pilot. So good at understanding what you want to accomplish. I have worked with Craig for 10 years. Never came back without a picture. He is going to circle you around campus. Be ready as soon as you get on the plane. Bring two bodies if you can. Don’t forget to put your camera strap around your neck!

aerial 03

Do not shoot this type of scene. It is too loose. Nothing to hold your attention. Just information. Nothing more. Nothing interesting.

aerial 04

Shoot tighter. Look for good composition. Look at the light. Shoot lots! And by the way. Open the window. The wind will keep it up in the air.

aerial 05

It’s really no different than shooting out of your car traveling around 100 miles per hour. It’s windy. You will need to hold on to your camera tightly. You will need a shutter speed of at least 1/1000 of a second. I suggest aperture priority. Lens at it’s widest aperture. Set the ISO to get the shutter speed. Do not rest the camera on the window and do not rest your body on the back of the seat. Sit up straight and shoot out the window without touching anything. You will avoid heavy duty vibrations.

aerial 06

Don’t forget to shoot verticals.

aerial 07

I prefer to use an 80-200 2.8 lens. If you shoot Canon, I will have it with me to lend you. If you shoot Nikon, you can use mine. Auto focus is fine to use. Make sure your focus is on Continuous for Nikon or AI for Canon.

aerial 08

Shoot tight. Look for good angles and good light.

aerial 09

Continue shooting and using your zoom to compose. Notice this one is wider than the one above?

aerial 11

Don’t shoot directly overhead like this. Notice the strut in the way on the right? Shoot to the right of it instead of in front of it.

aerial 12

Shoot farther away and lower like this (compare to picture above).

aerial 13

Looks like the Chips are working hard to make up for last Saturday.

aerial 14

Saw it. Opened the window. Shot it.

aerial 15

This is where you will meet us.

aerial 10

It will be exhilarating, and educational. If you are timid of flying, don’t worry, you will be focused on the task at hand. Who knows. Maybe someday you will specialize in aerial photography!