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Compare the two photos below. The top photo was shot bouncing the flash on the wall to Martha’s left. The bottom photo was taken with the flash turned around and aimed directly at her. Huge difference! The reason the light is so soft in the top photo is because the light source was about 6 to 8 feet in diameter coming from the wall. In comparison, the bottom photo’s light source was extremely narrow at about one inch by three inches. Notice also the fall off of the broad light lit up the background while the harsh lit photo had little fall off keeping the background dark. Also, with the broad light source the intensity diminishes. Notice the five stop difference between the exposure for each photo. Which do you prefer? Why?





Look at the difference between these two photos. When viewing photos, your eye tends to be drawn to lighter objects. If your subject is dark and there are a lot of highlights surrounding your subject, it takes more work to see the heart of your image. The simple task is to lighten your subject (the faces) and darken the surroundings. This should not be done  excessivly.

Photo by Neil Blake